The Reel King Session after Holiday

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    Wickerman WANTED $5

    Newbie here folks so hello!

    ….thanks to watching the Bandit and his table tops on Reel King, I tried my hand on £10 this morning after spending over an hour on Lil Devil on £0.20 to fill the hearts and having a miserable £6.20 return for my efforts.

    Anyways stuck in a ton on Reel Kings, played a few spins, got a couple of small wins and tried a few gambles which went straight to death on first spins, at 4th of time of trying took it from £20 straight to the top.  I just got into a rhythm on the key presses (playing via mobile) and before I knew it I was at the top and £5120 in the bag! Over the moon.

    Away for a lie down now and hope I don’t go back in a blow it! 🙂


    Anonymous WANTED $0

    very new to your site not long joined bandit love all the vids i  was a big gambler a while ago lost £68k over 2 years  you got some balls on you son watching the ladder gamble but been there myself im banned from playing any slots at the mo but will play again soon hate it when silly people say your fake and question the amount you play you dont need to justify anything its your site brother and your  good to listen to as well the things you say are comedy gold son keep it up and good luck i will be watching for a good while i hope

    Johandershmut WANTED $2

    Casumo do

    Laura90 WANTED $1

    Yessss!!!! Where have u been ❤❤ Are u not using you tube anymore??

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Laura90 wrote:

    Yessss!!!! Where have u been ❤❤ Are u not using you tube anymore??

    Bandit posted a video on YouTube an hour before this comment ?

    Andy232 WANTED $2

    Is it just me, I’ve noticed recently the gamble ladder on Reel King is biased more towards losing, I’ve never had the balls to take it to the top, but I do normally gamble smaller amounts and lately it just doesn’t want to get past the first gamble? The fat men bonuses don’t come along that frequently either now. I’m wondering with these new regulations to prove your wealth etc, it’s preventing high stakes gamblers from playing therefore the pay-outs across the board have been reduced to preserve the casino companies profits? A couple of months ago I could come away with a couple of quid on Reel King, but it’s robbing me most of the time now, taken all the fun of playing out of it, so they aren’t getting much from me. Attached was the biggest win I got that just dropped in playing my puny 20p games, they’ve probably had that back ten fold by now.

    Keep the videos coming Steve, they are enjoyed very much here!

    Regards Andy P


    Zindane WANTED $2

    your the boss when it comes to the gamble!!! a real bandit hahahaha

    Tvmchris WANTED $2

    Any else seen the version of reel king with 2000x lader im currently on it on sun vegas and it been epic

    dkwyw WANTED $5

    The Bandit wrote:

    Truth is i don’t know mate, it visually shows you that basically you will either win the press and double your money or lose everything if it loses – i’m sure it used to say that the gamble feature operates at a minimum of 100% RTP but i can’t find it where it says that any more

    Buried in the text of the ‘help’ section of the game it says you can “double your winnings with odds of 50/50”.

    waynetrunk99 WANTED $8

    2022 are you coming back ever to do videos m8 we all miss you lad and the banter. ??

    marka885 WANTED $1

    Does anyone know if there are different versions of reel king?

    Just had a bash on grosvenor and the gamble ladder only ever had 1 gamble chance.

    Perhaps they are doing away with it and bandits big reel king sessions will be a thing of the past?




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