The logic behind it Mr Bandit ??

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    BlueMoon WANTED $0

    Ive heard you say many a times you dont really think its worth playing new slots on the sites coz of being unsure of the payouts

    …. but ive watch (nearly!!!  .. still catching up) all your videoes and in some of them you lose loads like on Venture and BoD … the way I see it is that money you sat  playing them .. without ever getting a bonus and then having to reload (was one like 2500 bag down ??) … you could of tried the many new games and you may of gotten a bonus on them ??

    thats what gamblers do (as u keep saying LOL)  – stay until they get a bonus (even tho you sometimes never do and bust out) but to a non-gambler who enjoys watching you play – maybe you could explain the logic behind it ??

    Seedy WANTED $1,243

    Hi Bluemoon

    It’s to do with confidence that in the event of the bonus triggering say on Captain Venture Steve already knows that the slot can go huge and get him the money back. On a new slot there’s a bigger risk if it goes longer without a bonus. Also if a new game is good Steve would generally know from community comments. ?


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