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    Steller WANTED $26

    Along with the computer probems, Bandit said he had tonsillitis and his kids have been poorly as well recently, so no wonder he didn’t seem his normal, bubbly self.

    PJPage WANTED $12

    I prefer the old way although i can appreciate the quality of the efforts to bring in that bonus spin as it looks smooth and silky, certainly produced. Why not add the odd one at a crucial moment or two.

    If you lose the enjoyment of playing and recording we lose you so do whatever makes you happy and because clearly your own way works just freaking perfectly.

    Kazza78 WANTED $9

    I personally preferred the old way. Probably cos i’m just used to it. Dont see much of an advantage of seeing the bonus roll in fully, and dont think its worth the extra effort and time on your part.


    Keep up the good work!

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $33

    Definitely the old way, not as many ‘fucking hell’ or moving on in this video and it felt laboured.

    Many have tried copying your style but can’t pull it off like you

    Ash5677 WANTED $6

    old way mate 

    us degenerate folks love a tease 😂 and it’s funny hearing the bad language coming out when it doesn’t land


    ligarr WANTED $65

    Drop the way you did this video,more so because it made you not enjoy the time so much as had to spend alot of time doing it,which makes the video less fun for the viewer.

    Geezawin WANTED $221

    Why not a wee mix up bandit? Old and new and throw in a few teases in the new format to keep the troops guessing .im not compaining only a suggestion after readin the thead .id watch ur videos no matter which format u use. .

    On the subject of ur wee moan my first thougt was why did u even bother making it in the 1st place .

    Only being selfish tho, and it didnt take me long to realise this and the thing that came across most of all , for me ,  was ur HONESTY . so as usual another great video from an HONEST streamer . Hope feelin a wee bit better mate.💀👽💀👽😷😂😂

    zorzi81 WANTED $3

    Old way, never in doubt💪

    Jayjay230 WANTED $26

    Agreed like your video’s either way but personally I like the old way the new way when u cut back I knew it was gonna bonus no tease so to speak but still a great video nonetheless 😉

    redhotchilli16 WANTED $3

    soooo funny bro

    redhotchilli16 WANTED $3

    when are you live next ???


    Booey2012 WANTED $1

    Bandit just a quick question.

    Have you ever thought about having a stream off with rocknrolla?

    Having a set amount, whoever gets the most profit donates to a charity, I know your generous when It comes to things like that.

    It’s your money so you can tell me to pi$$ off like lol.

    P.s. that was a smart move to sit back on the slots for a while.

    You have a follower regardless.

    Take care pal.



    bigsteve7272 WANTED $5

    Hey up Bandit. When people are ill and are stuck with work they don’t want to do, they tend to be snappy and irritable. You have a choice, fuck what we think and the flack you will get, do what is best for you and your family……at the end of the day that video should not have been made, you did it because you felt you had too. Put number one first! I wish you a steady recovery, drink lots of water, keep warm and ignore the stream of idiots who seem hell bent on making you feel bad. I won a £500 prize in one of your draws and it made a huge difference for my family after Christmas and i will always be extremely grateful for you and your site for that…..Bigsteve7272

    EnglishGuy WANTED $64

    The way that gives you less stress 🙂


    waynetrunk99 WANTED $3

    Any video on u tube today bandit mate. Can you please do me a win on captain twat i just can’t get any bloody win ripped me £438 in the last 3 weeks the arse. £2 spins broke as a joke now for 2 more wks the fucker. 👍

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 46 total)