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    The Bandit WANTED $3,789
    El Bandito

    Did people notice the slight change on the video? Showing the “action spin” as i will call it, the spin where the bonus actually lands rather than cutting back to it having landed, is this a good thing, was it better like that? It was a mission to do tbh and very stop/start but my computer has some weird problems at the moment so i guess if i have to do it like that then i have to do it like that but just interested in what you guys thought of that part of it really?

    Haz40 WANTED $781

    Yes I noticed. I’m thinking is it in. Is it missing. Then after a couple your like it’s in it must be he’s showing it. Personally I don’t mind either way. Which ever is easiest to record.

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    I know it’s a chew to record etc but it adds personality to the video experiencing the teases etc.

    I always like seeing it roll in, it’s a bit of a deflater when it cuts back to the bonus screen, I’m just a fan of frustration I suppose 👺

    32red WANTED $7

    A lot of the enjoyment I get from the videos is your enthusiasm and sharing your enjoyment and frustration of the slots (rather than the experience). Definitely didn’t seem like you enjoyed the new format so I think you should go back to the old way. You still brought us back for mega teases anyway and that did the trick for me. I get the advantage of the new way too but if it sours your experience then it sours ours!

    Biohazard WANTED $414

    I like either way… but my vote is to go back to the old way. Main reason being, it was clear you weren’t enjoying producing that video, and part of the enjoyment for me as the viewer is knowing you’re enjoying playing also. If it’s that much more effort, it’s just not worth it I guess!

    geordiet14 WANTED $4

    Agree with  my fellow  watchers  It seemed as to you didn’t enjoy it yourself which  makes me think  you’ll lose your enthusiasm / get bored and we certainly don’t want a  unhappy  bandit   Whatever way  that enables you to enjoy what  you’re doing is fine  in my eyes and  the majority of your followers  I would guess

    Eightblack WANTED $283

    I prefer the old way to be honest, I like the teases and like everyone else has said it didn’t sound like you enjoyed it that much the new way.. Was still a cracking vid though

    Dune2000 WANTED $202

    Didn’t grab me, you just seemed pissed off all through the video.  The attraction of the slot has always been not just watching the bonuses but also the natural flow and your enthusiasm.  This video just came across like it was hard work for you and it was being done purely because you had to do it, not because you wanted to do it.

    I know it’s a business for you, but part of your business model has always been the personality aspect of it.  People come here for a break, to watch your slots, to hear you enjoy yourself and to cheer or boo along.   Obviously they expect a complaint when you get fisted with a garden rake (your words :-), but not one wants to watch a video which generates such obvious stress.that you sound irritated through much of it

    Pawel_PJ123 WANTED $3

    I think one of the keys to your success was the creative swearing everytime a tease missed, now it is gone 😀 I definitely liked the old way much better.

    whoswho WANTED $86

    Vids are always  good and allways will be, just as long as your personality doesn’t change.

    thunderball6 WANTED $154

    Old way . If we catch a bonus live . It’s a bit off a bonus . A double bonus if u will

    Djneeds WANTED $35

    Whatever keeps you happy and enjoying the slots mate you said you was getting threaders having to edit as you go and whatnot find something that works for you 👍

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    Are we allowed to talk about the video yet? @TheBandit

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Personally I wouldn’t put in extra hours for anything minor and risk killing your play buzz for anything at all.

    Just Basics WANTED $295

    Prefer the classic way Bandit mate.

    The latest video seemed a bit wierd to watch. Still enjoyed it, but was better before.

    Dont change a winning formula bud.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)