The highs and lows of FOBT

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    notrege WANTED $41

    So, todays session in william hill was very contrasting, while i was playing on a machine in the corner (more on that in a second) some one playing the 20p roulette was getting more and more angry and the machine, to be honest it did seem to do a long string of reds when he was betting on black. next thing you know the stool gets up in the air and aimed at the machine


    Having spoken to the lady behind the counter, she said the police don’t do anything about them and have the attitude that the the betting shops bring it upon themselves, do you agree? i’m not so sure people should be allowed to get away with this but i have the feeling the bookies arn’t loosing out in the end

    so while this poor chap was losing his money i acutally managed to get a £500 maximum payout for the first time ever (william hill: leaders of the free spins world)

    <embed width=”440″ height=”420″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”″><br><font size=”1″>Original Video – More videos at TinyPic</font>

    if the above doesn’t work:

    Stego1991 WANTED $19

    Insane! At the end of the day if they cant handle losing just stay away from the bookies FOBTs are robbing bastards anway lol.

    notrege WANTED $41

    yeah its crazy in the shops, not sure where all their anger is going to go when the limit comes in

    Aruba2017 WANTED $1

    i played on a fobt today didnt exspect to win just chilling while my missus got her nails done only put in £60 but just wasnt entertaining just sucked the dough up within 15 feature wilds that didnt match anywhere rant over !!

    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    Saw it happen years ago, there was a bloke who constantly lost on them every week, one day he punched the screen and it shattered. Ladbrokes banned him.. for a fucking week. Was speaking to one of the blokes who repair them, he told me that they are replacing smashed screens daily.

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    To be fair to the police . They don’t really care about damage to property off any sort . Fill out a form for the insurance . Not enough police to give it there time .

    brizman WANTED $46

    Happens quite frequently. Bookies try to keep it out the news though. Machines should be banned in my opinion.

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    For speeding, you get issued with (I think) a £70 fine.  I’ve known a few cases where you could waiver the fine but you have to take a driving refresher test.

    Smashing up any type of fruit machine is criminal damage.  Like with the speeding, it’s caught on CCTV and should be enforceable as a £70.  Or you can waiver it but you would had to go on an anger management course.

    notrege – congrats on £500 jackers 🙂

    SkintForTheMonth WANTED $3

    Good on the bloke. These things ruin lives.

    (And the reason they aren’t reported is so that there is no negative data on FOBT use)


    smashing the screen of a FOBT may be wrong but so is empting the pockets of the addicted, one is legal the other isn’t but one is very immoral.

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