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    JackWix WANTED $10

    Well I think my new favourite slot at the minute is The Goonies. Playing small stakes 40p-£1 and can’t seem to go 50 spins without a bonus or random key trigger. I’ve played roughly 2000 spins, not too much overall but it’s been so so good to me. Anyone else?

    Chloeferris99 WANTED $3

    Yes! Exactly the same, just came to see here if anyone else was experiencing the same with me on this game. By far the best Blueprint i’ve played, can’t seem to stop getting bonuses on it and I play the same stakes mostly 60 or 80p, bonuses and features are pretty much none stop and I’ve withdrawn hundreds just from that game alone across a few different sites with £10-20 deposits. Would be great to see it as a Single slot series because the potential is massive, the game is addicting and if you didn’t already know when the key glows red it pretty much means big win incoming, I got that before a bonus boost which gave 5 scatters, took me straight to the big money 🙂 Great game

    Chloeferris99 WANTED $3
    eejit101 WANTED $312

    The game has other hidden gems…


    Red key flashes on the random feature – 100x win or more.

    Bonus gamble – if you lose it can say bonus respin and give you another chance.

    Super bonus gamble – click gamble and at times it will replace all mystery wins with the next level up.

    Inferno spins – can pay the top feature once it’s over.

    Homer197023 WANTED $3

    Hey you guuuyyysss, played this game quite a bit but never knew about the red glowing key…. Probably cos I have never had it lol just saying i agree with the bonus frequently dropping in. Good features and base wins not too shabby either.

    Here’s to the red key bonus!

    Chloeferris99 WANTED $3

    Yes I noticed all of them, the top feature can actually be awarded after any feature or during the first 2 which is crazy, it gave it to me after the sloth free spins 🙂 I just wonder if when you get the bonus boost key trigger, can it miss? I must have played thousands and thousands of spins on this game and haven’t missed a bonus boost once, but nearly every other blueprint is notorious for missing it even when it’s added 20+ bonus symbols to the reels haha or is the boost purely just to maximise the chances of 4 or 5 scatters whilst guaranteeing a feature? Such an amazing game can’t get enough of it 🙂

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Ahhhhh…. The Goonies…… 😀

    Tricky0212 WANTED $82

    Hey guys, my first post here but been a member for a while just learning my way around. Love the work bandit keep it up!

    anyway, I was playing the goonies on coral casino at 40p stakes and like people above mention it does trigger a bonus or a green skull very frequently. My first bonus gave me willies treasure for about 140 x which was pretty good so I kept playing for a bit.

    but what I noticed was every time the skull lit it went green – never teased was always guaranteed. Must’ve been 20-30 times over a 40 min session (playing quick spins).


    i just wondered if some casinos have it set so it dosent tease even tho it’s the same game ? Just because bandit had the same thing in genie where it just didn’t tease always came out I wonder if some casinos it teases and some it doesn’t – anyone who knows more might be able to add so if anyone has seen it tease on coral let us know!

    Chloeferris99 WANTED $3

    I’ve been playing it across loads of sites including Coral, started with £10 and withdrew £200 just from the goonies alone building up the balance, it definitely did tease a few times! saying that though I find that it doesn’t tease anywhere near as much as other blueprints like ted, wish upon a jackpot etc and with the bonus boost I’m yet to see it miss, ted and king kong cash love to miss even after they’ve put 20+ bonus symbols on the reels haha. But the key definitely did tease at coral but I’ve found its been consistent across all of the sites I’ve played at (coral, william hill, betvictor, sky vegas) and if I had to guess i’d say 8/10 teases do actually land the feature, possibly 9/10 purely because i’ve had countless features now and very little teases so it must be around 90%, for me anyway haha 🙂

    earthwormbill WANTED $1

    After seeing this on Sunday slots i decided to have a go myself, i can now see why the bandit always gambled the 1st (Bottom on the ladder) bonus. i was on 60p spins and the bonus went for £3.20 and just 3 picks. a wins a win i guess. only had a quick play but will defiantly be back for a serious session in the future and hopefully be getting the same luck as a lot of the people on here.


    Michaeljg WANTED $1

    Now I love The Goonies. As an 80’s child I’ve always had a sentimental connection to anything that’s been revived from that decade. So as you can imagine when I came across this new slot I was pretty excited.

    I played it on demo money at first to get a feel for it and check out the different type of bonuses and I have to say I find it really entertaining.

    That is up until about an hour ago… THIRTY EIGHT bastard teases for a bonus and ONE skull light up in which I got Data’s colossal spin, where I got Jack’s AND he stuck it bang in the middle where it didn’t even bastard connect!

    Now my balance is at £0 and I’m about to have a crack on demo where I’m sure I’ll hit the jackpot .

    How’s everyone else finding this new slot? Any big wins?

    Michaeljg WANTED $1

    Maybe there’s been an influx of people playing it so now it’s starting to ease off on the generous bonuses

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    I’ve been giving this slot an absolute hammering on free play, just to check out the features and the return and such. Managed every bonus so far except for the top “One Eyed Willy’s Treasure” feature.

    Just some things that I’ve noticed…

    – Unless I’ve been extremely lucky, the bonus boost feature seems to land almost every single time (for me, 100% of the time over about 12 chances)
    – The gamble seems to be either fair or slightly favorable early on. I seem to progress to the next feature quite often, however I’ve had 4 gamble attempts for the top feature so far and every one has lost!
    – It seems to love the bottom feature (Fratelli’s Hideout?) – it’s offered me this most times that I’ve hit the bonus
    – I got a red flashing key for the random feature, and it paid 89x, so not sure what the actual minimum is
    – Although you do get an option on the wheel for the top feature on “Inferno Free Spins”, I have read that you can trigger the top feature from every single bonus
    – The “Super Gamble” (where it’s a guaranteed hit) or the bonus respin seems to come up a nice amount of the time. Perhaps around 1 in 5 gambles in my sample so far?

    I’ll update once I hit the top feature!


    Robiff WANTED $2

    Played this slot a lot recently, started out doing really well on it but lately it has gone to shit, 500 spins yesterday and must have had 50 teases for the bonus and only had 1 flashing skull.  Absolutely tore me a new one…

    Kne123 WANTED $6

    Playing at coral on the Goonies and I triggered the bonus onky at 40p stake ,just got the wheel on the screen went to make a choice to gamble or not and my tablet battery went I think cos it just went off..but now when I go to reload it just doesn’t rang them to see what than can do I’ve got to ring them back soon told me to down load the app clear my cache history done all that but it still won’t reload the game …I’m looking forward to play the skeletons organs bonus cos it gives you a chance to win the higher bonuses on the wheel by collecting 3 skulls and you get multiplayer for every pick 17 skeleton picks in all …am wounded cos they’ve told me if it won’t reload then they will just Reset it and I lose my bonus.

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