The Goonies by Blueprint… Absolutely robbed!

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    Zervarus WANTED $1

    I thought I would keep playing the Goonies until I got big money as I had never seen it before. My plan was to put on 20p, gamble every feature till I got to the top.

    To cut the story short I ended up depositing £100 and only had 2 gamble chances from the second best feature, both lost!

    Deposit my last £100 (200 is my limit) and up it to 40p. I get 1 bonus throughout the whole 100! Anyone else having trouble getting wins on this game??

    Tpritchard WANTED $34

    By the sounds of it everybody is loving this game at the moment, and seems to be bonusing quite a lot think you may of just been unlucky.

    i haven’t seen the top bonus yet but I have had the inferno spins and thought it was pretty crap to be honest so always going to give it a gamble now the mystery prize pays quite well with it plus you always have the chance for it to give you a respin

    StevieW WANTED $2

    Played it quite a bit. Think I had second best feature and it honestly wasn’t that good. Can’t actually remember what it paid but it wasn’t brilliant!

    Samanthallen WANTED $10

    I was loving this game when its first come out get loads of bouns on it and its seems to be slowing down on them now still a good slot but its like they have turned the % down abit lol

    notrege WANTED $41

    I’ve finally had the big money feature and it came after the inferno spins – basically just spins a wheel with different couloured diamonds on – won 240x for both bonus combined

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)