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    The Bandit WANTED $5,354
    El Bandito

    Right ok, i fancied myself a little slot around 11pm last night and then i decided i may as well kick off the recording software just in case. If you are going to watch this video, then please listen to my words too and understand that i have arrived at this sort of play on this game from months and months of similar results. The video is Reel King of course, I have done almost 50,000 spins on this game on this casino alone, i’d say i am 100,000 spins in to the game if i count everywhere.

    The reason i have only released this footage to the forum is that i want to be able to discuss it with anyone, i will reply to anyones comment about anything – providing i am in obviously. If your comment does not show immediately, don’t re-submit it as it will just be sat waiting for me to approve it and i will approve them all, apart from obvious repetitive trolling personally insulting bullshit. Whether your opinion is good, bad or ugly then please respond with it, the comment will be published and i will reply as best i can.

    I think after this i am going to take a break. Whilst i have accepted that there is going to be an almighty loss soon, i still want to attempt to do all i can to avoid that and having a break for a week or two is the only thing i can think of really.



    I hope the video shows up. I am off out now Pumpkin Picking with the kids so i won’t be back for a few hours but like i said, i will get the replies in for sure.

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    I know you aren’t responsible for what people do with their money etc but I do hope people on here acknowledge the fact that these wins are taking an astronomical amount of wagering before they’re dropping, which even still hold no guarantees of any wins.

    There are obviously a lot of addicts and a lot of gullible people on here who will see these videos and assume it’s a get rich quick scheme.

    Fair play to you as you are in a position where you can part with 19k knowing that it’s not going to harm you in any way, it’s your money and you can do with it as you please, I just don’t want idiots to follow suit and potentially ruin there lives as a result of seeing things like this!

    Im not having a go at you Ste I just like to reiterate that this is not a normal occurrence for people that see this and assume it will happen after so much money has been spent, because I have no doubt you know this is what people think like on here lol


    Pogba2410 WANTED $3

    Your going to have to get yourself a new challenge now.

    If it were a game, you’ve now completed it, max possible win on max stake


    NEXT! ?

    Bwill WANTED $2

    Fucking love it you do you fuck other long as you provide for your family and u can afford it.good on you.

    ligarr WANTED $82

    Great Video…but you know what you are saying is true,you are going to have a massive loss sometime soon if carry it on…not at your level but did win about 10k over 4-5 days during the week,spazzed out yesterday and already lost 5k of that back in one session…all mine was on Extra chilli…gamblers nightmare slot.

    Try take a break,but easier said than done as we know:),id like to still see a sunday slots normalish video before you maybe vanish for a week or two:).

    pillzandskillz WANTED $20

    Well Mr Bandit 😛 Your probs not going to like what i have to say on this one but it take it with a pinch of salt , its just my opinion.

    The general mainstream audience for your videos is people who ain’t got a pot to piss in , people whether you like it or not want to be in the position your in where they can afford to almost spunk £20k on a novo machine , most people watch you like people watch the lottery to see a rare glimmer of hope that the slots will pay attempt to replicate what your doing it might not be at the same stakes but people feel inspired by your bizarre wins and go forth to gamble even more. That said your right a lot of your videos could be seen as educational when you loose showing the true reality of slots but one could also argue that the more vulnerable people who watch your videos will see it as a opportunity to get in with the ‘Bandit crowd’ By attempting a massive deposit and going for a big win and blasting it all over the forums etc.

    I’m going to put this out there to , when you said you was calm after going 20k in balls deep in that shit , that was one lie i wouldn’t need Jeremy Kyle for lol No way was you calm , the over abundance of emotion when you hit that top was your real emotion coming out from the Bad and the Good it was a sigh of relief you didn’t just piss 20k up the wall.  I don’t think your totally honest with us when it comes to your true feelings with these insane deposits , because even if you can afford it , It doesn’t mean you should do it. I can hear the quiver in your voice sometimes when your 1 off the top.

    In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter what anyone here thinks , you need to sit down with mods and admins and others who are involved in bandit co who are close to you and have a responsible chat you spend more time trying to defend yourself in videos by saying your £20k here / £10k here because your panicking about what people think so your put your shields up.

    I like you bandit , and i hope to meet you someday on one of pauls outings from the gambling community forums but you do need to calm the fuck down with those deposits.

    Mickeyvondickey WANTED $181

    Good on ya mate! Like you said, it’s like you’re riding the crest of a wave at the moment. If it’s possible, buy that house that you always hoped for. It’s likely to be the costliest thing you will ever buy. At least, if it all goes tits up (which i hope it doesn’t), then you can relax in the knowledge you have put your family in a home they can enjoy and call yours!
    Again, good on ya pal. Long may it continue!!! ???

    aaloases WANTED $7

    Just started the video and its working not watched it yet as I am scared to as you mentioned having two weeks off and you have only just come back! like I say I aint watched it but maybe putting reel king on the ban list for a while, now lets watched it!!!!

    Bob ballsdeep WANTED $15

    Fucking unreal/awesome/well deserved. enjoy big fella.

    Woody1972 WANTED $1

    Wow just glad you got mo way back and yeah people will have opinions on people gambling at low stakes and high stakes. We all watch these videos having our own views, your entertaining and enjoy watching vids. Enjoy ? picking with kids ??

    KizLFC WANTED $7

    All I can say to that is WOW , smashed it mate , congratulations, you have mega bollocks I’ll give you that haha!! Nice video again , as always , you’re blessed at this moment in time so just sit back and enjoy smelling the queens arse in all those reddys haha! Nice one

    scottj130208 WANTED $22

    Epic win bandit you show both worlds of gambling not just the wins but the other side of the coin to. Deposit wise yes it was high but us follower gamblers understand it’s all about the chase if not gambling wouldn’t exist. Take a break for a while and spoil the family with the winning s or invest some money for a rainy day keep up the videos fuck the haters and do what you do best entertain people all the best and till next time laddy

    Wheaters WANTED $3

    What a rollercoaster .. this works on smaller stakes as well though , just a genaral look at how quickly it gets out of hand and I personally need to step away for 20 mins or the finger takes over

    T0ptaff WANTED $6

    As always my heart was in my mouth as you got to  second from top . As always I was thinking Collect , collect . As always I was over the fucking moon for you when you hit it . Thing is mate as I’ve mentioned to you before on an email , I don’t gamble any more and I get my thrill vicariously by watching you , even me who uses these vids to keep myself off the slots think you need to step back and get yer winnings down on that house . I don’t watch for the stakes , I watch to swear with you at a 20p Insta swarm or scream ‘get in ‘ at a real king top . Bank it mate and come back in few weeks on low stakes again . Just my 5p worth but genuinely fucking chuffed for you.

    Rosebud4534 WANTED $1

    Nice video again mate,I like the way you say your try and not explode when you win but always do,mind you I think we all would. I can’t see why people watch your video’s then moan about them,like you said if you don’t like them don’t watch them and long may your run continue you can’t beat the rush of a run like your having.

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