The Curious case of 2 Jammin Jars streamers

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    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    A link to an interesting Discussion on 2 streamers hitting the exact same bonus round….

    I made a post in the wrong place to receive feedback & also to share, it seems, maybe not thou lol.

    Personally I don’t watch these streamers or think there getting preferential treatment from the casinos or better %. ViP level decides that ;)imo.

    And my opinion was it happens, my logic was 1 in a million things happen everyday in this world of over 7 billion people 🙂

    Push gaming has commented in the link I posted (mod can take link away, if he post push gamings response, Spamming and all that) Also with it being a x1600 win there will be fewer game displays of said x1600 than say €160. Anyways its a good topic for all us slot guru’s 🙂 enjoy. Stevie.

    Mr B WANTED $395

    I have to say, some streamers are really bad at acting. No pun at anyone.

    EnglishGuy WANTED $99

    It raises questions about the true randomness of this game. It’s obviously not random at all.. the jars movements, are not random. even though it gives that impression.

    the win is random, perhaps. but the odds of the two streamers hitting the same win, 1 in 1.69 millions. wow.. that’s beyond belief.. especially considering how long the game has been out.


    EnglishGuy WANTED $99


    Here is the second link, to two identical bonuses on jammin jars.

    Your scratching a 1.3 million possible chance scratchcard when you play this game.


    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Again, in the vast majority of games, the presentation layer is not random. This is a common point of confusion among players and I can understand why – they take random to mean “where the reels/grid lands is random”, but it’s not. What matters is that the game outcome – the win or loss – is random and thus the game is fair.

    I’ve seen the exact same spins on Book of Ra more times than I can count; there’s one for example the king-split tease where two kings are lined up on the middle row and in the third column another one is in the space above and bottom. I can recognise it a mile off and know the third book isn’t landing if I see it. I’ve had the same bonuses for the same amounts play out in the same way on multiple games. It’s really not extraordinary.

    Jayjay230 WANTED $32

    The bonus rounds are not random totally pre determined the whole slot is actually as even push gaming rep said on casinomeister dull game imo

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    I agree. It’s a 1 in 1mil visual result game. The actual wins you will see a few times. The only thing is… do you see that as bad?


    You see the roulette drop in 0 twice in a row. Same feeling.

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