The bandit dress shopping on Goonies lol

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    Geordiemark42 WANTED $67

    You took me back to my old days of dress shopping with the gf. First shop find the dress then spend two hours looking for another only to go back and buy the first one. You had the bonus feature right away and gambled the spent ages just trying to get it again lol. Oh cheers for playing ra6. And Napoleon is a 200 spin on max £5 bet in my eyes. If your hitting big you hit big if not move on quick lol.PS dress for her not me haha unless its a Friday ?

    -Dist WANTED $23

    I’ll say I’m mildly triggered that he didn’t even give the other bonuses a chance. If it’s low on the list it has to be bad right? Even though I’ve seen him win some pretty good wins on Ted’s Bar Crawl bonus he never takes it anymore.. It’s like he’s forgotten they can pay.

    I played the game for the first time myself today. First bonus straight into Goonies go wild bonus. It was utter garbage. Second bonus was the second worst one, took it and it paid more than Goonies go wild. Third bonus I gambled all the way to inferno spins and they were also incidentally utter shit. The inferno ones have great potential though.

    I wonder if bandit missed the fact that on top of the game screen it constantly tells you that you can win the Willy treasure bonus from any of the other bonuses. They can also award any bonus below that one. So I wish bandit would’ve taken the worse ones too – he could’ve still won a different bonus on top.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)