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    Bunni666 WANTED $1

    Stevie lad, do you mind me asking about your teeth?

    What are you actually having done? As I’ve recently had to have 10 teeth out myself and being a woman it’s really knocked my confidence 100%.

    Cheers x

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    El Bandito

    4 fillings between 3 teeth, 6 extractions, 7 dental implants, 1 crown and 5 veneers. If when i’m done i decide i want the bottom front 6 doing, it’ll be 6 more veneers i would imagine.

    Bunni666 WANTED $1

    Jesus Christ Steve that sounds horrendous,  i hope you heal soon.

    I’ve had 10 extractions including my front bottom teeth, and 2 fillings. I had denture plates made but they didn’t fit, had a 2nd plate made still didn’t fit. My dentist blamed my narrow/small jaw and my over bite.
    He’s since refunded me what hve paid so far as he can’t get them right and told me to see another dentist at the practice. I’m absolutely pissed off as I have no bloody teeth, and my confidence has hit rock bottom.

    Would love to see your finished results,  and oh I love the videos. X

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)