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    blueyes WANTED $80

    This casino has been amid controversy because they make you take jackpot winnings in installments but, I rarely play play progressive slots so I don’t care and I just won’t here.

    The pros are fast withdrawals(under 2 hours to paypal) No ID was requested from me for 2 withdrawals within 24 hours no bull at all.

    Great selection of slots including Book of Dead, Dead or Alive and many more.

    Has great promotions in casino section. Often free spinning wheel thing/click card.

    Nice sportsbook with good odds.

    Easy to navigate layout

    Just don’t win more than 10 grand and you’ll get it in one lump sum haha!


    Soxdog7 WANTED $10

    Rogue and avoid. Terms and conditions are abhorrent.

    Stick to uk based casinos. No trouble with kyc. Always pay. Decent terms

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)