Spinal Tap – Heavy duty wilds

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    Hi, I was hoping for some advice. I was playing spinal tap earlier on rock mode 60p stake, so it was costing me £30 per go. I got 8 heavy duty wilds (8 wild reels), there’s 7 reels and I got one on each reel 2-7, the other two spare wild reels went on 3 and 5 which turned the wild reel to a X2 wild reel. I got the second top symbol on reel 1, in position 1,3 and a queen sandwiched them. I thought I was going to win big, but it only played £84! It was 2187 ways, the symbols in 1,3 paid 300x per line and, the queen paid 100x! Am I just being greedy or should it of paid more.


    any insight would be really appreciated

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