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    JohnoG WANTED $3

    Very easy to get bored and hit the slots at the moment, and online casino’s lapping it up.

    Some things I’ve been doing to stop the overspend :

    1).Reduce your stakes and make it last longer.

    Usually play £1 per spin most games, but during current lockdown, have reduced it to 20p/40p per spin, and currently enjoying it just as much. Even played Big Bass on 10p a spin the other night with just a £15 starting balance – played for 3 hours, had 12 bonuses (biggest £32) and finished with a balance of £42.

    Lil Devil is another game that can be profitable on a 10p stake.

    2). Use gamble aware if you feel like it’s getting out of control (I know, the hardest step is admitting it to yourself).

    Give yourself deposit limits.


    3). Watch the videos – bandit’s latest power up channel is a good starting point with great daily content – there are loads of others too.




    robthemonk12 WANTED $15

    I’ve made the choice to self-exclude for 5 years on all my accounts. I’m a boredom, binge gambler. What better time for a bordom binge than during lockdown? Losing about a grand since start of the year has kind of slapped me into the realisation that it’s not sustainable. The only saving grace is that the lost money has not hit me too hard financially and the majority of it was winnings from a previous session, but the feeling crap about it gone is all too real.

    Back to trying to fill the void with books. I’ve got enough of them to read!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)