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    Mogel WANTED $1

    Mr Bandit,

    So I have a bunch of questions for you. I just signed up and I’m glad to be a member of the site

    I am a Long time lurker and watcher from YouTube.

    1. Have you played other countries slots before? Like states slots or pachinko, seems like a lot of countries slots differently -I am a soldier so I’ve seen a lot of parts of the world.-

    2. Would you consider doing a vid on how you started gambling? And basically a “This is me” video. I enjoy the slots and enjoy your perspective of them. I’d like to hear history of where you got where you are since I’m pretty much there as well but at a  lower stake level.

    3. What’s your favorite pint? Do you drink if and when you hit the bookies?




    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Hi Mogel


    Cheers for joining, appreciate that.


    I went to Vegas last year and played some of the slots they had in the casinos there, like Buffalo Gold and Willy Wonka and stuff like that, they didn’t seem to have great win plans, like when it looked like a huge win i found that quite often, it was 50x or something.


    I will usually just have a pint of whatever lager is going haha, i do like a Staropramen or a Peroni though. I quite like a Rum too when i am out, Old J has been a very nice one i have discovered recently, heavy on the vanilla that one is. I rarely go in the bookies anymore tbh, i do like to play pub fruit machines though and as long as someone else is driving then yeah, i will usually have a couple 😀


    I did a video when on YT a bit about my gambling, i think most people would find it a bit of a snore haha I have gambled for a living now in some way shape or form for 8 years, i could probably write a decent book now lol

    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    I’d like to know a bit more about you bandit, I’ve been watching around a bout a year now and I don’t feel like I know that much about you!

    I realise that you may want to keep it that way and not disclose certain things with us, but I think it’d be nice to hear more about your interests etc, with stories perhaps?

    A video idea I’d like would be you just autoplaying your favourite slot, and just having a chat with us, it may not be to everyone’s taste but even stuff like what teams do you follow? What stories have you got about following said teams etc?

    Some gambling stories, stuff like that haha!

    i did see on Twitter that you got to see the Mersey reds train a few month back, you lucky ? haha


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