Slot requests (bonus buys and non bonus buy)

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    Glove WANTED $9

    Hi mate,

    may I request:

    Hot Pepper by Pragmatic

    Buccaneers Frenzy by Blueprint (non bonus buy)

    *New* Beat The Beast: Dragon’s Wrath by Thunderkick

    Outlaw by BigTimeGaming


    Dubbokid WANTED $2

    If you’re feeling brave perhaps try Dam Beavers on Elk, or Buffalo Toro on Elk as well – if you want to swear and punch the cat you could also try Jeff & Scully, but best have a few ales first!

    JohnC95 WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit, is there any chance you could do the feature spins on the hacksaw games? Not the bonus booster ones, the other feature spins, for example on Ronin stackways you have the option to have stackways land every spin the cost is high but would be good to see on a lower stake

    Big O WANTED $1

    I would love to see Elements of awakening

    Dan81 WANTED $1

    Try the new one called the cursed king by hacksaw

    KneelHood WANTED $1

    Good day! Greetings from Alberta Canada

    A single series on San Quentin slot? 5 scatter bonus buys would be epic

    Also enjoy the higher stakes stuff, the reactions are priceless



    Mr coat WANTED $2

    How about a go on hot fiesta pragmatic I love to see you get the max win it goes off

    TheAjay WANTED $1

    Hey Steve. Couldn’t be arsed looking for ever and then I could.
    No specific requests from me except to continue being you mate.
    Haters gunna hate. Who cares.
    Love the entertainment 🤣

    Cb22 WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit

    Id like to request you try ‘Fire Portals’ by pragmatic. Not sure ive seen you play it before and it may even be recently new. I had a big hit on it 1300x I posted on your big wins section. Cheers mate and good luck. P.S my fave slot you play atm is Royal Potato. Maybe another single slot series?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)