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    Ron101 WANTED $19

    Hi Bandit mate dunno if you are still taking requests but if you are try some flames of haphaestus its usually quite kind to me at giving the bonus.  And theres a few bits that it can do in the base. Also the jackpot looks tasty on it lol.  Just the normal one mate. Not played the new 20 line one. Could be just as good but i can’t vouch for that one 😂😂 good luck if you give it a bash mate

    Mareks WANTED $7

    Can you do some CHICKEN DROP bonus buys please. Hope will catch big fat egg with good multi. Good luck

    MadMich1000 WANTED $1

    Hi Bandit. You should try Dead Mans Gold. Been playing it for 6 hours and still no bonus. I want to see if you can manage to get it bud.

    Adam Clarke WANTED $1

    Yo ste can please do some bonus buys on hacksaws bhe beast below much appreciated


    ptipz WANTED $8

    Can u play some drop em it’s basically the 2nd stackem but whole different set up goes fukn good I think you will love it cheers el bandito

    Sir Galahad WANTED $1

    Any of the Fat series, Rabbit though please!


    Chibs WANTED $3

    I don’t know if you can find it or do a bonus buy on it but I’d like to see pirots 2 or kraliens, those are two of my go to games for a bash

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)