Skyvegas – Won really big in first week of playing there

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    dgb1 WANTED $1

    Hi guys,


    My first post here – so hey!

    Basically, I opened a Skyvegas account on monday night and stuck 30 quid in – ended up hitting a full screen of jackpots on Reel King and won £1k within the first hour of playing there. Withdrew £500 of it, which has come back with no issues.


    Cut to tonight – I get home leathered and decide I’m going to play some slots. Somehow I managed to do exactly the same as the first time on £3 stakes and won £1500. Then went on £20 stakes and got four reels and in the end I was up to £3.5k. I cashed out £2750 and played with the rest. I then followed that up by depositing ~£900 in loads of £30 quid transactions.

    Does this give them grounds not send me the money I won? I’m really stressed as I’ve put literally all of my money into it (bad choice I know – plan on doing a Gamstop self exclusion so that I can’t do this again) so I’m going to be relying on the withdrawal for the rest of the month. Any advice would be great!



    Rbreen91 WANTED $493

    Nah, Sky don’t give a fuck. They always pay.

    sikaukko WANTED $5

    you mean would they think its money laundering or something? they can see your slot winnings hitting big so theres no reason for them to think its suspicious, it’s a small amount of money anyway in the grand scheme.

    and you put all your bank account money but you’ll still be like 2k up once they process the money? it’s not so bad, but definitely put a deposit limit or just close the account if u feel like it.

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