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    Irishjackpot WANTED $6

    Hi guys, not really a poster on here, signed up to GamBan yesterday for a self exclusion time frame or 6 months, I’m on a student so I’ve been wasting my student loan betting only lost 400 pounds which seems like nothing to most of you but it made me feel like such a shite person after it, however I’m happy I did, I followed the link from here and now hopefully if or when I return to gambling I’ll be more in control.

    any tips to ease yourself back into it when my exclusion time is up?

    Eightblack WANTED $398

    Well done man, £400 is still a lump to lose in one sitting with loads of cash or none, I try to think about how pissed off I’d be if it fell out my back pocket cos I fume if I can’t account for a pound coin IRL 😂


    With easing back in like with any addiction it depends how long and how much you gamble and what your like personally.. Like with alcoholics, some can knock the compulsion to binge drink and can then enjoy a glass of wine with a friend now and again, others can’t and once they’ve developed a problem can never touch it again without falling back into the old ways


    Next time your loan comes in remember that shit feeling you have now x

    Winningbird WANTED $398

    First of all, well done for signing up. You did the right thing for you 🙂 secondly, when your exclusion is over, only have an account with one casino. Make sure it’s one with providers you like to play and has a good reputation. Set limits on the responsible gaming section of the account. You can do deposit limits per day/week/month. Make sure you stick to your limits, and if needed, set a loss limit. I would also consider contacting the casino to ask them to cancel the reverse withdraw option.

    Once your exclusion is over though, I would seriously consider if gambling is something you want to do again. It may be better to go back on gamstop if all you can think of is having a gamble. Good luck, and well done again 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)