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    villanmike WANTED $24

    Have you ever been so pee’d of with an online casino, that you have self excluded yourself in anger for 5 years. Only for the next day or so later you regret it, because it was in fact your favourite, and now you’re having to search for a favourite casino to enjoy!

    I have lol


    I used to win so much on Sky Vegas, now I cannot find one I enjoy as much as I did them, I do think they have changed since them days though.

    Only have to wait until Jan 2020 and I can return 😛 lol

    PS, self exclusion is a little daft when it is only for one casino, nothing stopping you signing up to others when you have self excluded from others.


    The Bandit WANTED $3,857
    El Bandito

    I know people that have definitely done this, in the past when i had gone above and beyond what i was supposed to, i never used to have the equipment left to self exclude, it was usually in the garden, shortly followed by me with a hammer lol

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    Broke 2 laptops ( sony vista & Samgsung ) lucky I got the sony fixed for £80 🙂

    ligarr WANTED $70

    Yeah,pointless for a gambler to self exclude,but i did in anger from betvictor many years ago,back playing there now,if really want to stop,it has to be every casino…but even then a full on gambler if used gamban or whatever would just find one that is not included with them,probably some dodgy casino so nowhere to complain if they dont pay you.

    robthemonk12 WANTED $12

    Haha, yep! I’ve literally done it this month with Casumo and Videoslots (5 years each). Have now returned with a fresh mindset to Matched Betting and low risk Casino offers. Nothing else. It was either that or my fist was going through my screen.

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