Self exclusion is now mostly bs ?

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    farahtrousers WANTED $22

    Online self exclusion seems to work, partly.
    — Gamban is a joke.
    — Gamstop is fiercely working but now crypto or VPN and slots in another country and you’re up and playing again.

    Land based exclusion is a farce. I thought this was run or overseen by UKGC, country-wide.
    — Staff are required to go through the new faces on the database, every time they start their shift. I can’t speak for all stores. Staff members at Merkur yesterday told me that self excluding with them, doesn’t self exclude people from Admiral. How true that is I don’t know but I know the Admiral round the corner from the Merkur is letting excluded players in. My brother self excluded at Merkur and still goes in Ladbrokes and Bet Fred.

    Sorry but if you have to do a DNA test to play online, what’s with the freeforall in land based slots ?

    I realise I am exposing ways to beat the system here but let’s face it, that ship has sailed long ago. It’s not like this is a world exclusive. UKGC is a disgrace.

    AppleSux WANTED $6

    Hi, sounds like you are really determined to stop but LIKE ME lack the self will. I can offer my recent experience as follows:

    Regarding the local shop bans, i too found them useless. In my town there is a Merker, Ladbrokes (x2), Bet365, Independent bookies, and Admiral.  I self excluded in January at Admiral as part of a local scheme – self exclude one, self exclude all but Ive continued to bet on the Fobts in both Bet365 and Ladbrokes. After a heavy losing session in Ladbrokes i even hinted to the cashier that im losing too much and thought i was banned. Guy came back with (and i dont blame him) – “Mate if you want to do your bollox, go ahead, my employer doesnt pay me enough to act as a bouncer and potentially create grounds for a fight if i try to ban someone who excluded themselves!”

    For online,I did Gamstop for a year and it worked. I couldnt even buy a scratchcard online. I was getting itchy feet after 6 months and tempted to use European sites but when you search “non gamstop casinos” several listing sites bring up dozens of sites i never heard of that they plugged. However a quick search on Trustpilot flags most of these sites as dodgy, looking for any excuse for not paying so i decided against it.

    Bandit unfortunately has quickly got me back into bad habits as i followed his steps and opened up BC.GAME account and so far am over 10k down!! (and i currently dont work so its from my savings!)

    My Gamstop now expired and i thought i would return to UK “safe” sites but so far only one site has authorised me to reopen the account with a strict £200 a month limit. Therefore its at the other extreme and will likely lead me to continue using crypto site.

    Good luck and hope things work out for you.

    ImperialDragon WANTED $68

    I stick with 2 gambling sites and put a limit on both of them.  They used to be Videoslots and Royal Panda.  When Royal Panda stopped trading in the UK, I added William Hill so it was back up to 2 sites again.  I don’t go above 2 sites, because if I do, where does it stop?

    For offline, I leave my cards behind because I can pay for everything using my phone and there is no way that you can gamble in a shop if you can’t access an ATM.  Then once a month, I will bring a card in for an arcade gamble.

    So I still gamble, except it’s once a month on 2 sites and once a month in an arcade.  It means I can still do it, just in a more controlled way.

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