Saying Hello (And support for the Bandit!)

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    Jeroensgambling WANTED $4

    Hey Guys.

    I am Jeroen. A mid 30’s entrepreneur with a love and hate relationship with gambling. I gamble for some time, i run my own website in that regards and where i pick on the filthy fake streamers who add nothing to the table.

    Ive watched the video’s of the bandit, numerous hours, and i think this dude deserves all the credit together with a few other folks such as Rocknrollah and who more.

    I did have some amazing wins captured on video, some of them blow the doors off…

    26000x DOA2.

    A Fruit Party win at 12 euro stake.

    A 10k bonus buy on Buffalo King Megaways (which actually paid)

    And the withdrawls at the end of the video. That was a nefty start of the year.

    I occasionally slot, but not that active. I think i archieved that what a gambler can dream off, and not ruin myself in the proces.

    My advise in regards of gambling; it will come to you! Do not chase it.



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