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    bobbybird100 WANTED $8

    Got 5 free spins off bingo.com sister site to unibet and managed to withdraw £160 (after about 2 hours of wagering) withdrew the money to a old card by mistake the money was sent to my account on the 12th of last month which is the same account as the one I’ve always used. Anyway the money was never recived by me after about 30 emails to them and to my bank the,’ve been now told the money was sent back to them over 3 weeks ago and still no sign of the money it’s now been another week and all the chat team are saying is that the payments teams are looking into it fgs 3 weeks to sort £160 I’ll not be seeing it till after Christmas. People make sure when depositing u change ur details when a new card comes but I still think that the casino should of let me know that my card had expired when I withdrew the funds 2019 better be a good year

    Biohazard WANTED $675

    Submit a complaint with AskGamblers who will attempt to deal with your issue. They have reps from most casinos on there who will tend to get back to you within a set timeframe (mainly because it being on the site unresolved is bad reputation for them). Also email/call them every day requesting a resolution and/or escalation of your complaint.

    If the money bounced back, they will have it, and they will need to find a record of it.

    (I can’t post the link to AskGamblers as they are technically a rival affiliate site)

    Stevie25 WANTED $254

    I had this issue before, with william hill casino, didn’t notice until 18 months later when checking old poker acc,, lol true story was they sent a check.. Its how I noticed, asked customer service to look into it, guy was like “are you for real” me ” yes its a £365 🙂 ” payout.

    Got it payed in 5/6 weeks. 🙂

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    Take a a while to find a bounced payment.


    Imagine you take thousands of seprrate deposits per day. Then imagine you pay out hundreds of people a day. Then imagine you use 20 different payment options for this, and cards are done woth 3 different companies depending on your location.

    Then work out that the banks take a random amount of time processing a refund so you have to look manually. Then on top work out that they won’t have your transaction ID to manually search as the bank will have provided a different one.

    Once someone has a look for you yes it may take a few hours. But then having a person free to do that is the problem. Busy place to work in payments.

    It’ll come back to you. Follow the ask gamblers advice above to get them to move faster.

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