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    asfish WANTED $1

    In the bookies yesterday for the first time in 2021, they have changed the 15-minute rule as of Monday so in my local it’s 10 maximum in the shop with a mask on.

    Had 50 quid on me so put £20 into DoubleFruitastic. Get a few small wins that keep me going then a £204 quid win drops followed by a £36 win on the next spin. Played a bit more then came off with a £230 bank

    So onto Crown Gems and some Ultra spins, it ate the whole bank. plus the £30 I had in my wallet, got the former £50 spin feature 3 times and it paid nothing on 2 and £34 on one.

    Nice reminder of how quick these things rob you, don’t really have a huge desire to go back as lockdown has provided some cold turkey for me:)

    Seyahkram1977 WANTED $676

    Uhhh stop and step used to play  those types of games, watching him play them bored to A level I don’t want to  play them…I don’t have issues spinning £10 pound on line, but you feel dirty doing it in a slot like that ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)