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    Tpritchard WANTED $34

    Well I have never related to a video as much as this one tonight UNTIL you hit the fukin bonus in wish upon a jackpot ??. had almost exactly the same on genie and then a week later I lost over £2k on £2-4 spins on wish upon a jackpot only one bonus that went for £10 with a x5 on jack an the beanstalk ? First press collect. And griffin showed up about 40times and came in twice and both of them was wild reels which payed pretty much fuk all.

    shocking games and they sent me on a massive tilt and on another level of anger, my reaction was just like yours you begin to laugh because it’s that bad. Hope you stay away from them for a while.

    just can’t believe the teases you get on them games just shouldn’t be allowed if it’s not coming in don’t bother showing up

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)