Quick couple of questions for you guys

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    Jellymanjim WANTED $0

    I have never posted on here and I’m sure people have made these sort of comments before , but couple of random questions for you guys


    1. Genie jackpots I’ve spent 80 quid on 20p stakes and not once has the genie come out of his lamp or got a bonus how much is everyone else spending 🤔?


    2. Flip side on diamond mine I’m bonusing it like every 80-100 spins, earnt some crazy amounts on it ranging from 400-800 X but then getting 4/5 in a row paying 80p



    3. What’s everyone best slots for getting a quick bonus/ profit 🤔🤔 I’m too gassed on megaways at the moment and as much as I love if the variation/volatility is mental!!

    eejit101 WANTED $141

    1 – Its random. Takes time sometimes. But it does pop up and pay eleventy million X. So….

    2 – Nice! Wish i could.

    3 – Doesnt exist. Just pick your favourite and hope.

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