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    First time thread maker.

    Most of us here watch the streamers, with the exception of a couple of lower stake players, the minimum stake is around £2. Now, I dream of of being able to play those stakes, so I thought I would see what the genral population of slot players does. I will give an overview of my play below, and be interested in others approach to slotting.


    Budget: Anywhere between £300 and £1000 a month depending on overtime. This is used on slots and sports betting

    Sites: I am a member of only 3 sites, 2 of which have a £10 daily limit, and 1 which has a £20 limit

    My aims: I only play small stakes, 20p mainly with a few 40ps thrown in and my hope is to get £60 every time I deposit. I then withdraw £50 and start again with the £10 left. If I am successful then I consider upping the stakes, but to be honest Im lucky if I do a few £1 spins a month.

    Games: I am a sucker for cascading games, and currently Bonanza and Diamond mine are the slots I play most.

    Is it fun? : For me I want it to be fun, hence the limits on the accounts, I dont want to chase losses. Even with those limits in place I often dont see out much more than a week depending on that months budget. Although I choose to play the games I do, I find myself being frustrated when I might not see a bonus for 2 months lol. However, I play those slots as the potential to hit my £60 target is always there.


    Hope this interests some, and look forward to any replies.



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    El Bandito

    Sounds a lot like a mate of mine 1p, he loves playing the likes of Steam Tower and Dracula, Bruce Lee and a couple of other set games he kind of rotates. He sticks to 15p – 30p stakes and has the target of reaching £50 ahead for a withdrawal and manages it lots of the time, bonuses he gets too, he had actually been so successful with wagering bonuses through his set few games that one site he was doing it on actually added the games he was playing to the “can’t play these when you are on a bonus” section of his account!


    Do you think Diamond Mine is as good as Bonanza in the base game? Bonanza can keep you pretty much level for ages and ages can’t it, i seem to see a lot more balance erosion with Diamond Mine if you manage to go a hefty number of spins in before a bonus!



    1pstaker WANTED $25

    At the moment I actually find Diamond mine the better game. I have had 2 massive hits on 20p, Mystery symbol changing to diamonds all the way for £320 and again the mystery symbol turning into loads of the fellas all the way accross for £180. On the downside, I hit a 60p bonus on it that paid 3x. For me a 60p bonus is massive lol

    Spekz2018 WANTED $16

    Oh wow never been lucky enough yet with the barrels turning to anything above a king when going across the screen . My stakes are very dependant on wether or not I have a drink or not if sober max stake will be a £1 if been drinking will go up to £5 a spin not a good idea but do have a limit of 300 deposit with bet Victor as not to get carried away .

    voodoodolleke WANTED $5

    I don’t really have a set budget per month but it depends on how much I made with sports betting and more often than not I end up around evens for the month. What I do have is deposit limits per week on a few sites, while I don’t on others (those that have alot of promotions) and I tend to spend my money evenly on all of them anyway…

    My usual deposit is €20 to 50 and my stakes are mainly between 20 and 50c with the very odd €1 and 2 on some occasions like after a big win.

    Favorite games are Buffalo Blitz, Diamond Mine and Ocean Magic. But I usually give the new games a go and when I see an obscure game I’m always tempted to check it out 😀

    I can be very clinical after a big win tho and immediately withdraw everything, it helps when you’re chasing your losses the next time…

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    Very rarely exceed £1 stake – Have to say playing Moon princess & Reactoonz on small stakes is decent and done well on both recently.

    I’ve done hugely well with leovegas and always seem to get a decent cashout when playing there – Sucker for new games as well.

    Love Fatrabbit/Book of Dead as well. Managed a 300x win on Danger High Voltage earlier this evening, that meant a £190 deposit changed into a £400 withdrawal, was at £550 but played a wee bit longer than i should’ve.

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