Pending withdrawals again

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    Tpritchard WANTED $34

    Fell into the shitty trap yet again.

    made a withdrawal on William hill at 2am Saturday morning quite a good one, left a little in to play around with. Once them funds had gone I forgot I didn’t put my 3pm footie bets on so went to deposit £30 and first thing that pops up YOU HAVE A PENDING WITHDRAWAL CLICK HERE TO CANCEL. Also goes onto to mention that I can reverse the withdrawal up until 10pm.

    so 1st i think 18 hours pending is ridiculous 2nd I don’t think it should give you the option wether your depositing again or not. To cut the story short I deposited anyway and put the bets on nothing won but later on around 7pm I really fancied a bash on the slots and ended up reversing and lost the lot

    Yes it’s my fault and only me to blame but I really really don’t think you be allowed or even have an option to do that, i would be happy if casinos locked your withdrawal even if they charged a small fee but they obviously won’t do that because they make more back through reversing

    there is loads going round about responsible gambling and I have even self excluded myself from 90% but surely they should take a look at this shite especially when its in your face anyway rant over

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