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    Mr B WANTED $395

    In last weeks video Stevie Baby made it quite clear his agreeable thoughts on the Mystery Reels Megashiteways. There’s a photoshop idea. Anyway… he gambled 8 spins continuously and got 4 which paid a win almost every spin with shite results so he finally hits the 20 spins which offers him a pisspoor odds chance to get 30. Not the 66% pie shot, a one in 8 was it ? So he collects 20. That first gamble was against the odds but this one was worse so he did the right thing.

    And agreeably, it was utterly wank. “Look at it, it knows its 20 spins, no wins”.

    I guess in the grand scheme of things, Steve was lucky to hit a few bonuses and while one set of 4 spins paid treble what 20 did, should slots be clattering people so hard ?

    “1,000’s of spins no bonus and when it finally came it paid 2x” – is happening a lot.

    While one short experience is not a great foundation, a whole internet connected community is. Slots can pay massively, but they truly do seem to be killing more than paying.

    bigsteve7272 WANTED $6


    Cant agree more. I have kept careful accounts of my gambling, i am very lucky to be well up over the months running from December to the end of February, then came the worst run of luck…….mainly centred around the poor return given by bonuses after waiting a hell of a lot of spins to gather them in. In fact such was my run i made just £85 in March and have stopped playing entirely since March 27th, as i have lost faith. It was every site i went to, almost like the percentage had been turned down and i was now playing different games completely. I played Bonanza and Diamond Mine on every occasion and i am absolutely certain that these games have somehow been changed. after playing nothing else for 3 months, the change was quite obvious and so now i have stopped. Hard to do at first but am feeling a lot better for it. Any body else noticed a change in payouts?

    bishman WANTED $51

    I think if a machine wants to give you a big win it will, no matter how many spins you get.  Lately I’ve been playing Extra chilli on slightly high stakes for me eg £1.60, £2.40, a couple of spins on £3 and £4 here and there, and when the bonus drops in just take the 8 spins everytime and have had some really decent features from it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)