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    Smith8989 WANTED $2

    So, I’ve just had my biggest ever online slot win. £3800 from a £20 deposit. I nearly died Haha. After I played a few spins at high stakes and left with £3400. When i cashed out it come up my account had been frozen. I have phoned William hill customer services who said when someone has a big win they do a game play check. Can someone please tell me is this normal and how long this takes to do?


    BGuts WANTED $3

    Congrats on a big win on W-HILL never had that. In other casinos i have never had my account frozen however a large withdrawal will normally take longer to be approved. I beleive the cutoff for compulsory checks as per the UK rules is £2,500 but i’m sure someone more informed could confirm.

    IrishRebel WANTED $1

    Does sound a bit odd! I’m sure a site as big as Hills as much bigger withdrawals than this on a daily basis! Just keep an eye on it and keep on them if the process is taking longer than you feel it should do. Congrats as well!

    eejit101 WANTED $207

    day or so max

    awesomex WANTED $121

    It’s normal for the casino to check with the game provider if the win was legit. Shouldn’t be anything to worry about

    alligata WANTED $4

    Perfectly normal. I speak from experience – I won £16,800 from a £2 spin at William Hill some years ago. Took about three weeks to get the funds.

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