OMG so fake !!!

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    Satans_Underpants WANTED $5

    I have no idea what the title is about.

    Steve… Stevie Baby. Sir Equally Knobhead Yet King of UK Slot Streaming….

    While we do think you’re great, can you please…. PLEASE


    Play Kings Honor for an entire Slot Stream at £30 big buys. See if you can beat the £834 I won from four bonus symbols that paid 50 spins and many extra.

    Also, see if you can get the triple Bonus Symbols during the bonus spins 😛

    Love ya.

    Mwright82 WANTED $12

    Yeah what is that title about lol you click baiting us 😂😂, kings honor isn’t even ringing any bells for me, who makes that game?

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