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    Rek415 WANTED $1

    The other day I was playing a bunch of old Play N Go and NetEnt games and stumbled across Scudamore Stakes. The base game is fairly bland and forgettable. The bonus game is fun and hits often, and you should always pick blue or green to win. That red 5000x is just never going to win.

    There is also a unique betting feature on this game called bet slips, which I had never tried before. You can bet that a certain symbol will appear a certain number of times within a certain number of spins. I must just be getting insanely lucky, because I have hit $1,600 on the purple horse showing up 144 times in 80 spins, 6 times in probably 40-50 tries. The bet is $40 to win that much, so it is not an insane X win, but it feels pretty good since you only make one bet and then see what happens over 80 spins. You can also play those spins on any stake. Most of the time I have just done 10 cents, but you can make it 50 cents and then a single bonus with a green horse win will cover your entire bet. The wild symbol longshot bet is insane. If you could somehow hit it the payout is about 1250:1, so an $8 slip pays roughly 10k.

    Has anyone else ever had any luck on this game, or any horror stories?

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