OK bandit bonus hunt review lol

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    Geordiemark42 WANTED $66

    Firstly its great to see you go back to basics. Even tho 3k is massive to me, its not for you. Secondly the bonus hunt style video was great. And finally it was spot on with the chat between bonuses. So just do it like that. Only thing you could do, is one spin after every bonus as we all know some give a next spin repeat bonus. And its only one spin per bonus.

    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    8/10, lack of Donuts made me sad. It might be worth trying to keep a track of how much each bonus cost to collect as well?

    I’m hoping for some normal videos as well, some random features like Peter Griffin bring out the best in bandit videos ??

    russcawley WANTED $10

    Both suggestions above will morph you more and more into roshtit.

    why not go for a spreadsheet with what each bonus has paid and the average you need to hit to break even. Buy yourself a hat and a webcam and maybe do some little dances for us whenever you get a big hit. Dance for me monkey dance.


    Stop listening to all of us including me and just do whatever you fancy doing. If you enjoy it we will enjoy it. If you do what other streamers do or try to please us all we may as well be watching them/ the vids wont be bandit vids.



    Xbobmad WANTED $729

    Who wouldn’t want to be like Rosh? HE HAS A FUCKING TANK!!

    Huntball WANTED $7

    Ok so I have now watched both of your 6 o’clock vids I feel that maybe this is not your best style did enjoy your building up to a bonus and your random chats.hooe to see a Sunday slot soon epic ones

    shiNer45 WANTED $16

    Very much enjoyed the first video, I do like the bonus hunt style.


    Appreciate the work that went into it, and the risk of your cash!

    darrellburnett WANTED $8

    First of all id just like to say im a avid fan of Bandit, by far my favorite streamer to watch. I am 10 minutes into the second video of the bonus hunt videos. Personally im finding them a little on the reserved side! I love to see the epic reactions that we all know and love. Bonus hunts are a great way of providing content as well as negating serious losses! Totally understand why Bandit is doing this. I hope theres the odd mad Sunday vid thrown in to look forward to!! Good luck!

    TJTom WANTED $16

    Yeah great to have some Bandit vids back, enjoyed the 6pm bonus hunts so far. Personally, I don’t enjoy this format as much as the previous videos where there were huge ladder gambles and 40 quid danger bonuses. You can’t really beat that for entertainment when it comes to slot videos. But I appreciate that it’s not really sustainable to be risking multiple 10s of thousands on a regular basis. (Or at all with my bankroll haha).

    Steller WANTED $34

    Just watched the 2nd one and i have to be honest and say i thought it was the dullest Bandit vid i’ve seen.  He sounded very low key and going thru the motions of finishing off a video. Sorry, but imho this  format takes away everything that made the Bandit the best to watch. By all means stick with the lower stakes but go back to your old style even if that means far fewer videos.

    Geordiemark42 WANTED $66

    Judging by some comments you want the fucking get in mother fucker reactions and yes they might not come on a £100 win, but I honestly feel Steve was getting in to a bad place spending 100k per vid even if he clawed it back. So I would rather have these and maybe one or two higher stake vids when cost effective. But the 100k reel king vids etc can stay dead for me or I fear the bandit will fade away and possibly lose everything.

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    Best Bandit vid

    Jay75 WANTED $1

    The format doesn’t matter to me (sunday slots, mad sunday, bonus hunt) any Muppet can spin the reels It is your personality that shines through more than anything else. Personally I love it when you lose your sh!t and go into pigheaded mode.

    I will say these bonus hunts are a little dare i say “unbelievable”.. unrealistic? £3000 starting balance. Average stake lets say £2 = 29 bonuses. So that’s an average of 50 spins per bonus & a bonus roughly every £110. I know there must be base game wins along the way so that obviously changes the numbers. It would be nice if you talked through the numbers like you did with every Lil devil bonus..cost/spins per bonus.

    I’ve never had reason to doubt your videos before, but without a rundown of your numbers included I can only be suspicious of how you managed 29 bonuses at £2 stake 2 nights on the run? I could try that every night for a year and still not get 29 bonuses please please please explain? or include rundown in future vids.

    I know everyone’s experiences are different but I play often enough for these bonus hunts to seem a little suspect. I feel the same for all streamers who do them not just Bandit. We’ve all played & watched long sessions and know how often a game can go 100’s & 100’s of spins without a bonus. I’d just love to know the details. does anyone else feel the same?

    TrickyCorn WANTED $8

    Yeah just watched the last vid and you sound about as enthusiastic as being at a funeral.  lol

    I’m not sure if it’s the stakes or the format, but you honestly don’t sound motivated at all here and come across more like you’re just going through the motions so you have SOME content to post in order to promote this site.

    Mondayblues23 WANTED $39

    To make a standard 1 hour video you’ve said in the past this can take you over 3 hours. I’m guessing with 1/2 of you collecting bonuses the timing is quicker and then it takes roughly an hour to present the opening of them.  I think I would prefer 1/2 videos per week in the old style as it captures your excitement or anger in equal measures when somethings happening.

    Ezekiel2517 WANTED $15

    The main thing I don’t understand is people have asked tou on and off for ages to do bonus hunts and you have always said you don’t like them, don’t enjoy them, won’t do them, so why now I suppose.

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