Norwegian Gambling Block

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    awesomex WANTED $121

    During the last round of government stepping up the blocks towards online gambling from Norway, some very odd things have happened:

    1: Norwegians who use the banks DNB or Nordea who are on holiday in for example Denmark have reported they’re unable to pay entry fee or purchase things with their debit cards at land based casinos!

    2: The gambling block is a direct violation of a free trade part of the EEA agreement the Norwegian government signed in 1994!

    3: Norwegians using the banks DNB or Nordea are still able to make payments to online casinos, but they’re unable to cash out!

    Thoughts on this guys? I mean how the hell is this even possible? This shows just how stupid the government really is.

    eejit101 WANTED $207

    My kind of post!


    Norway is, for us anyway, “grey” in its market assignment. USA is black, Germany is White for example.


    For depositing from cards, payment processors can use that card and pay a company name that doesnt mention Casino or Poker in it, therefore the transaction works fine, for example PokerStars int he USA used to have the transaction sent to a company called “WaterStar”. For cashing out the company has to show the payments for tax and invoice reasons, so it has to come from the casino company. Thats why they are unable to process payments out at times to restricted accounts.

    Gambling block doesnt fall under free trade?

    Norway being on holiday in a country that isnt next door have this issue? Or just Denmark?

    Levskie101 WANTED $22

    If I remember rightly eejit were PokerStars and full tilt back in them days not paying payment processors a fortune for payments in the US due to the complexity of operating in America ?

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