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    Hello everyone im new to the forum this is my first post detailing my story and how the gambling started…

    So i have never been interested in gambling untill 5 years ago at 25  years old i get with a new partner whos abit older than me and loves going to the local bingo club ( no shes not in her 60’s lol), so one night off i go with her. Anyway beginners luck i suppose won £1000 house from then on we went every weekend up untill last year. During that time i started playing the slot games they had there hit a few £500 jackpots but i wouldnt like to think how much money i have lost to them evil machines.

    2016 is the year i started playing online slots after i got sick of the fobts and knowing theres much more potential of a bigger win playing at £1 – £2 stakes this is when all goes down hill yes i had some big wins but lost more in the process of chasing those big wins. Il only name one slot that tilted me and that was last year 2018 napoleon: rise of an empire which i lost big time on gave really good base wins at £1 – £2 stakes so i decided to up the stakes to £5 and go for a bonus… 560  spins later it finally bonuses after god knows how many teases and little base wins im excited £5 stake going be massive turns out it paid fuck all i couldnt believe it so i go for it again thinking it cant pay nothing again turned out it did i dont know if i was having a stroke of bad luck but at that point i had lost all my savings and had to start from scratch again.

    I registered to gamstop that day so i couldnt sign up to any casinos untill recently my inner gambler getting the better of me decided to start looking for casinos not registered on gamstop ( stupid mistake i know) i found one and lost again deposit after deposit kept loosing all the money i saved over a 6 month period gone in the matter of hours.i thankyou bandit for your videos they have helped me an awful lot i get the same buzz i get if i was gambling myself i also thankyou for providing the free trial for gamban which i now have on my phone. So no more gambling for me i look forward to your next video 🙂

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