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    eejit101 WANTED $312

    I write a bit of reports for an NFL site last year (This year im too busy) but on it I gave tips against the spread. (For those who dont know what ATS is in NFL, its a handicap of points given to a team to make the game betting “even”. So if a good tema play a bad team, the spread will be Good team to win by 6+, and the bad team to win, draw, or lose by 5.5 or less. The odds are close to even).


    Over 120 games last year I ran at 69.2%. I hit 1 7 team acca (Not that good) for 800x, and 3 or 4 trebles/quads.


    If anyone is interested ill do it here this year for free at the start.


    Note – I do a lot of research. It is not guaranteed and you can, and often do, lose on accumulators. Only 1 or 2 a season will hit at best. In 2015 I was right on 68% of picks but hit 0 accas. I blame Trump for that. Even before he was president.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)