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    russcawley WANTED $9

    So you took a 300% deposit bonus with 200grand play through and the max you can win is 20k?

    you can however forfeit the bonus cash and keep the real money you have if you haven’t yet used the bonus money.

    what happens if you win 50k straight away? When you forfeit the bonus does it drop to 20 or can you keep the 50?

    what incentive is there for you to play on and complete wagering if you win before using the bonus funds?
    has the casino vip team lost their mind?

    I can understand this bonus if they want to give you as many as you want and let you play stupid stakes like £50 or £100 a spin but this bonus just seems daft.

    nice win today btw

    razvanro WANTED $12

    I guess it’s just a non sticky bonus which is nice to see. If they had converted the whole amount as bonus then he would be stuck and would have to finish wagering to withdraw anything. It may look like the casino gave him a good deal, and it was, but you have to consider the fact that much more often than not you’d go through your 2k quite quickly and into the bonus money where you get stuck having to wager it all.

    What happened in the Bandit’s video is rare, to hit big right off the bat and obviously take the money and cancel the bonus. I’ve had these type of bonuses in the past and I’m sure many have (not 300% but 100% or 150%) and you go through your money and into the bonus money on 9 of 10 occasions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)