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    cmcdowell160 WANTED $3

    Anybody had a bash on the new who wants to be a millionaire btg slot? Any nice bonuses or hits?

    Hit my deposit limit for the month so will have to wait to give it a go myself!


    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    Whole game seems like one big con to me (bearing in mind they all are really!)

    The bonus is horrifically twisted, the fact that an 81% chance answer loses is just beyond criminal.

    Of course people will say there’s a 19% chance it’s wrong but come on?  Stop being daft.

    jerz92 WANTED $4

    The engineers are out on mass, chipping the absolute **** out of Bonanza!!

    These new games all seem like a swindle – imagine getting 23 spins with a x10 start on Bonanza, I mean theres no way that isn’t going massive?! But on the buffalo game i’ve seen it go as low as 70x, ridiculous, the spins are just so much more controlled to compensate for the apparently larger starting potential, and players are now offered the chance to gamble their whole feature to apparently hit this potential but in actual fact it’s just controlled to ****, it’s so noticable just by watching the games I don’t even play them.  Such a dangerous game model for problem gamblers.  I think it’s getting a bit too much, but that’s just my opinion.

    Dion WANTED $9

    I havn’t seen the game yet but when payday comes around I might have a look at it. from what I have been hearing I will not be spending much on it 🙂

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    I’ve seen the maths. It’s valid. Your odds of winning an 81% shot are indeed 81%. But going back to back to win 10 in a row when the odds change… really damn hard.

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