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    bradurrrrz WANTED $3

    Have been watching bandits YouTube vids for about 6 months now and Steve you make me laugh every time you mad bastard lol favourite quote to date “that’s about as fun as suffocating yourself with your own foreskin” lol

    I am 28 gambling since 16 and 6 months clean from gambling. I lost 40k in 4 months at end of last year which in the grand scale wasn’t even the tip of iceberg but needed support. I opened up to my partner of 8 years and my parents. My partner left me. I had hit rock bottom.

    I have lost easily 250k+ in my time even though only 28. Not a day goes past I don’t think of what I’ve done. Low point was 10k in 30 mins and 20k in a week total.

    But my parents have been more than I can even describe. Unconditional love, support, understanding. When my partner walked away I thought I had ruined it all. My parents have since proved otherwise.I felt ashamed, embarrassed, all those thoughts we feel. But my word. If there is anyone out there struggling and in a dark place and you’re lucky enough to have your parents or even 1 parent around, talk to them. Yes they were annoyed. Yes they were frustrated. But they have stuck by me when I expected nothing but resentment and my mum was the only one I believed when she said “it’s all going to be OK son”

    Thanks Bandit for your vids I watch and enjoy now. I have no doubt you Paul and others have somehow helped me as I haven’t gambled a penny since January 31st.

    For those who believe there is no way out believe me there is. For those who can gamble and control it, I wish you all the best. Happy hunting.

    All the best

    Jason Lee


    JoeD333 WANTED $6

    Well done for the 6 months man it’s very hard to quit.

    Obviously the partner wasn’t worth much, when times get that hard you need someone to stand by you.

    I just feel sorry for the people that don’t have a strong family behind them it has to be nearly impossible to quit without some backup.

    I’m 28 myself and although my numbers aren’t nearly as high as yours I have limited myself to small deposits now and the videos help a lot, I know it’s really bad for the likes of the Bandit and other streamers when they lose a lot of money it knocks things into perspective and you see how bad it actually can be.

    Too many youtube videos of massive wins and you never see the losses, Bandit, Paul, Jimbo ad Nick in my eyes are the ones that push showing losses and not trying to push people on to links.

    “that’s about as fun as suffocating yourself with your own foreskin”  Wherever he comes u with these it’s fucking gold.


    Congrats on the 6 months though and keep strong 🙂

    The Bandit WANTED $5,355
    El Bandito

    6 months is a great achievement mate and i am glad the videos help you out a little. You are right in what you say, a problem shared is a problem halved for sure so yes, if anyone is experiencing this kind of thing, just tell someone who is close to you and they will help for sure. Keep it up mate!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)