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    BiffyClyro WANTED $1

    Came here to scream as I can’t let my girlfriend know I gamble (she hates it)

    I’ve just cashed out ~£9,000 from after a £100 deposit! I beat my PB 3 times today. 3,500x on Dead or a Wild, then 4,600x on the very next bonus on the same game! And then a fucking crazy 30,000x on Mental!

    Withdrawal is pending, I really hope there are no problems…

    Thanks for listening, I’m still shaking. Help.

    Atlantis7 WANTED $1

    Massive congrats Biffy, hope you took screenshots?

    got a juicy win earlier on Wild West Duels at work but couldn’t show my excitement for obvious reasons.

    tried to post the screenshot but file size was too large so had to submit the other pic displaying the win of 3414X

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)