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    EnglishGuy WANTED $99

    Dunno about anyone else, but this latest video is really, really good. I’m posting this, about 60% of the way through the video, and its bloody exciting.

    £100 Deposit, with £422 atm available to withdraw.

    Maybe because its closer to the stakes that i play at ?  Really hoping there’s a cashout at the end.. (and the feckin way the bandits luck is running recently, i wouldn’t bet against it !!!!)


    1pstaker WANTED $25

    Total agreement EnglishGuy. I think its the best vid for a while. We all enjoy the high stakes but how many of us can really relate to it? 60p still more than I can normally play lol.

    Ron101 WANTED $19

    Just finished watching it and totally agree a very enjoyable watch plenty of action a very good mix of game apart from no bonanza. Ive already commeted this but when he was saying i cant think of a good wagering game.  ERRR BONANZA lol. Give the ppl what the want bandit. Single slot series bonanza lol

    EnglishGuy WANTED $99

    Yea, bonanza is my go to game. I’ve done over 1 million spins on it.. yea.. and my record is 16k spins, no bonus.

    The problem with bonanza is landing the bonus can be totally soul destroying, best i’ve had is 3 bonuses in 10 spins. Although yea, its a great wagering slot.


    benq99 WANTED $229

    nice video total fun to watch and great cashout on a £100 IN.ypu can even feel the bandit enjoyed it

    Jayjay230 WANTED $32

    Yep loved this kind of video more tbh my kinda stakes not allways about hitting a huge win I play for the entertainment value when I’m bored etc better than 17k in for 32k back too much risk so this video is one of the best ones for a while imo for me anyways and also you kept saying good wagering slot come on Bandit you know it’s bonanza or diamond mine haha ? take it easy big man and more of these vids now and then for us low rollers 🙂 peace and carrots ?

    ligarr WANTED $82

    It was watchable,but nowhere near as good as videos between £2-£5 stakes…..then the odd high roller thrown in,Just my opinion

    inspect her gadget WANTED $21

    OK here’s my tuppence worth.

    I will watch every single video you make because of the entertainment I get from it.

    I enjoyed today’s video especially as we got to see the wagering completed, maybe you should take a bonus more often even from a £1000 deposit, I think it creates more of a story….an extra challenge!

    That said I much prefer higher stakes videos, they take me into a fantasy world that i will never be in for real. I think of it like the darts, I watch the PDC in awe of them and when the BDO is on i still watch but I’m thinking…I could do that!

    Enjoy your break, we will cope, it’s only a week! ☺

    thunderball6 WANTED $272

    It made no difference the stake . It was still the same excitement. U shud do it every now and then sort off like a sensible gambling week or something . But u once said one off the things u regret is not upping your stake when u first started out. So I don’t think u can stay at them stakes.

    Belle5179 WANTED $3

    Great video although I would have loved to see the play without a bonus. Never the less it was a good outcome at low stakes which gives hope to us all. I like the fact that you can withdraw even though you have not completed wagering. I do not think many casinos do that. Look forward to more videos at lower stakes, I think 40p and 60p stakes tend to give more regular return than 1 &2 pound stakes  which is what I generally play. I will try lower stakes for a while and see if I can hit a big one!!!

    Liberty WANTED $132

    I prefer the higher stake videos personally. £2-£5 is more relatable to me anyhow lol. The high roller videos are incredible, taking me somewhere I’d never go but as I said in another post – play what you want and are comfortable with and just record every session you do lol.

    alan121 WANTED $2

    Hi Steve that was a great video to watch i don’t think many people wouldn’t have enjoyed it and it was good to have a longer video most of your loyal fan base don’t want to see you lose a lot of money and if you keep on betting high stakes you are going to lose thanks for video enjoy your break and hope to see many videos in november

    Wormweed WANTED $42

    Yeah, it was a great video. The stake doesn’t really matter, I always look at it as: X win vs X spent to get it.

    Ezekiel2517 WANTED $15

    Good video, only gripe would be sticking on reel king because thwres nowhere to go when there’s literally hundreds and hundreds of games yet we only see a variance of maybe ten slots.

    peterclarke23 WANTED $2

    Much prefer the high stakes.


    Anybody can play 50p which doesn’t make it exciting

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