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    darkhand1 WANTED $7

    i had been with ladbrokes for years, always thought they were ok people, bet on sports betting, casino and poker won money lost

    money. Even when i had the worst bad beat in a poker game ever, i,m playing for a ticket for a caribbean cruise ticket, final table 7 tickets

    9 players  i,m on the big blind with ak,  three go all in, i cant fold quick enough does not take an einstein to work out 3 all in 1 winner 2 losers

    leaving 7 of us left and i get a ticket ha ha. shock horror they have shit hands,its a three way split but if i had called i would have lost.

    (alarm bells start to ring RNG mmmmmmmmmm but no i have won big games before i tell myself, the game is straight just play carefully)

    we play on, then i get kk on small blind (small blind 50,000)  no raise i call,, the flop is kk5 , 4 of us in the pot check check bet then its my turn

    to act i re-raise, fold fold all in ( now lets look at the situation i have 4 kings thats a huge monster give me all of your chips kind of hand)

    the clocks ticking but i have a 180 seconds time bank ( so what can mr all in have well he can,t have a king, he did not raise pre flop nor did i

    if his all in is to tell me he is representing he has a king, well thats not going to work ha ha, i call and wait to take all his chips making me a monster chip leader. I LOSE he has a pair of aces and yes the turn is an ace and the river is an ace, i ring ladbrokes i speak to their poker

    site manager he tells me it was just a bad beat these things happen. i told him to fuck off he hung up. I got over it (HAVE NEVER PLAYED

    POKER ON LADBROKES AGAIN) anyway life went on until i,m betting on ladbrokes, i have a bet on a horse running in ireland i win about

    £700 i leave sports book and play the slots and lose, leave the site. in the evening i deposit more money and play the slots win a bit and

    go back to sports book only to find that my balance is some what less than it should be. i ring ladbrokes they tell me that the horse i backed

    in ireland had been disqualified, so what i say you paid me out first passed the post, oh says ladbrokes that rule does not apply in ireland.

    just a minute i lost the winnings playing your slots, you sent me no email telling me the horse was disqualified no text message, you just

    waited till there was enough money in my account so you could steal it. now for some technical reason i can no longer access my account

    at ladbrokes i am told to ring customer services when i ring them i am told that account is closed. i opened a new account through customer

    services i deposited money and guess what for some technical reason i can,t access my new account, never mind ladbrokes were going to

    sort it out ,they did they sent me an email telling me they had returned my deposit because i had tried to open a new account and this was not allowed because i already had an account. good old ladbrokes a law unto themselves.

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