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    Kim2109 WANTED $3

    Evening Mr Bandit, I hope you are well, loving the new channel and the old one of course, just an idea for the new one. We all know you sit and wait until you bonus a game which is great for us as we dont have to watch the endless spins you do, which i assume can get pretty draining day after day with you doing so many videos. Could you try something? I’ve played slots for alot of years and I truly believe certain stakes are better for each individual game, so maybe 60p for 50 spins, if its playing shit try 80p for 50, then £1 max for 50. If you dont lose anything stay on stake, if its crap move up or down? Dont sit for 800 spins on one stake. No one wants you to lose thousands and your clearly trying new things so just an idea! Good Luck and win big! ?

    Ps you still sound strange on normal time instead of x2 speed ?

    Dynamik23 WANTED $82

    All this stuff is a load of bollocks. Imo saying looking for the “sweet spot” is not great. Bandit has influence and there will be Muppets who try and up the stake higher and higher to find this so called “sweet spot” he said it once, “maybe I’m just getting unlucky” that’s all it is. Varience in the short term is huge, all these things are just gamblers fallacies.

    SlotsCrack WANTED $62

    Well slots do have a certain sweet spot. Best example is going landbased casino. You’ll notice that slots in between 4 and 20 euro (max) on avg do better then when going above that. It’s the same online; a majority is low bets; so you’d expect that playing low bets equals better chances then when going high bets. It’s difficult to pound 100 spins at 20 euro each and expect it to land knowing how brutal slots can be.

    It all comes down to the following: Being lucky.

    Anonymous WANTED $110

    Bandit all he need to start getting bonus like other streams, his playing without bonus money not easy to be on profit, look at hideous he deposit 1k he gets 2k bonus

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)