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    Johnny WANTED $3

    Has anyone ever won the jackpot king jackpot or know of anyone who has won it?

    Also does it alter the RTP?

    mega WANTED $27

    ive never known anyone to take one of the 3 jackpots before, best ive had is about 150x on it. Yea it does alter the rtp because every spin you play pays a percentage into the pot, if you compare the same game, e.g goonies and goonies jpk and look at the rtp on both

    hdrobi@5019 WANTED $17

    Yes I have, it was actually after reading a story about someone else who had won. He said it flashed on screen that someone had won a Jackpot and at the same exact time he got the Jackpot King feature so when it happened to me a couple days later I was nervous. When I clicked on the second spin symbol it took me straight to the Wheel and I won the Royal Pot on 0.20 eur at VideoSlots playing Mighty Griffin megaways with about 12 eur left, the balance was added instantly unlike the guy from my story who had won a bigger prize and he needed to get paid out from somewhere else. I hope someone here reads my story and it happens for them a couple days later.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)