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    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Playing immersive roulette on Rizk last night, I made a bet, it landed on one of my numbers for £144, then when I bet again on the next round the game rejected my bet saying I didn’t have sufficient funds. Turns out the £144 win hadn’t been credited to my balance – particularly galling was that the next spin also landed on one of my numbers, depriving me of a further £108 win.

    Been told it may take up to 3 days for this to be investigated and for my missing £144 to be restored to my account. The bet which won is showing in my game history but the win isn’t.

    While I’ve never had any problems at Rizk, regard them as a good reputable casino and I’m confident I will eventually get my winnings, it’s a tad annoying to say the least! Only upside is that I decided to stick the last few quid I still had in the balance on Captain Venture at 40p. Bonus rolls in when my balance is down to about 2 quid. Didn’t retrigger, only paid about 16 quid but it’s a few more spins. Up the stake to 50p, 3 bonuses in the space of 50 spins later and my balance is back at a healthy £200. Move around some games and end up hitting 105 free spins on Lucky Lady for nearly £270 off 40p stake.

    Current situation is I’ve withdrawn £500 plus Rizk owe me another £144. I have suggested to them as a matter of goodwill they might want to award me the other £108 I should have won on the next roulette spin too, but as that bet didn’t go through I’m guessing they probably won’t.

    The Bandit WANTED $5,355
    El Bandito

    This sort of thing seems to be happening a lot lately, this kind of thing or bonuses not launching etc – keep us posted on the outcome, bloody sods law that the next spin was a winner too though 🙁

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    The thing which annoys me about it the most is Immersive Roulette normally stitches me right up. I always bet the same way and have 8 numbers which are my “jackpot numbers”, where I’ll have £3-£5 on them instead of £1. What happens when this glitch stops me getting my winnings and being able to place further bets? Well of course it goes on a streak of my jackpot numbers and I just have to watch with gritted teeth.

    argyl53 WANTED $419

    Update: a week later I finally got my £144 from Rizk. Customer service were somewhere between disinterested and rude the entire time I was chasing up on it. In respect of the next spin I should also have won, I was told:

    Regarding your query about compensation, we cannot credit winnings from the bets that were rejected. It’s good to remember that rejected bets are double-edged sword: I have yet to have contacts from players whose losing bet(s) were rejected. Sometimes 2-3 bets can be rejected a row for a customer for some reason, and then it actually saves money, yet no one comes to say they want the bets to be approved.

    As a “gesture of goodwill” I was awarded 25 free spins, worth 10p each, which could only be played on 1 of 4 games (none of which I like) and yielded a total of 99p.

    eejit101 WANTED $312

    GIG is having issues on its sites recently. Anything on the Rizk, Dunder, Viks, High Roller are having a few game issues due to some upgrades they are doing as they are bringing out their own slots. Just expect occasional downtime and hope it isnt when you go into a bonus round 🙂

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