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    Stormy WANTED $5

    Introduction – I have started watching some streaming videos since lockdown. Mainly The Bandit, Hideous Slots and Stop and Step as interesting personalities.

    My own background has been backing horses fairly successfully for about 40 years and occasional visits to bricks and mortar casinos. Got involved with 20+ online casinos about 15 years when new player bonuses were very fair and being very disciplined turned about half into profit. Sadly discipline went out the window eventually and realised I was losing more than I was comfortable with losing so managed to wean myself off after a couple of years.

    What helped me stop was losing all trust in casino after a few big wins. Three casino’s made it quite difficult for me to withdraw. Intercasino would only send me a cheque and Video Slots delayed things for ages whilst completing money laundering checks. The final straw was 888 cancelled a £1500 win and returned my deposit for bonus abuse. After winning about 2k early on I was betting multiple numbers on roulette to try and speed up meeting bonus requirement and this apparently was bonus abuse. It made me realise there was nothing I could do if a casino acted unethically.

    More recently I have been playing FOBT’s in bookmakers, but stopped since the first lockdown as I can’t face sitting in a bookies with a mask on. I was irritated by nearly everybody not wearing a mask when I nipped in my local Corals after the first lockdown and the bookie doing nothing about it. The weird thing is it has weaned me off playing, I no longer have the habit, not particularly missing it and will probably try and avoid in the future. I will miss getting a coffee from Nero and playing for a hour or so Sunday morning, whilst my wife shops in the supermarket.

    What I have rediscovered is betting on Horse racing. I have always been disciplined in this field and devote much more time to studying form again. It is yielding good results I have been able to withdraw cash out several times in the past year and still maintain healthy balances. I reckon the effect of not playing FOBT’s and concentrating on horses is a net gain over around 5k in the last 12 months.

    It’s a shame The Bandits streaming video’s have stopped. Although it was fantasy betting from my pov, it was quite entertain to watch, albeit sometimes alarming. Power Up not quite doing it for me, stakes below £2 I guess.

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