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    Fishface WANTED $4

    Bandit I’m in the dog house I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, you come across as down to earth person great character and entertainment and family man. my other half has been watching them for about the last year. I watched your video on mr green the other night and boy did I get it. Both barrels you watched his video without me, he doesn’t moan at his misses when she goes to Asda. What is it with that supermarket ? I watch your videos on a old iPad, I think it’s time to save for a second one so she doesn’t moan. Can you please play jammin jars on next video as she keeps making me play it and I have never bonused it cheers Martin

    The Bandit WANTED $5,376
    El Bandito

    Haha uh oh mate, sounds like you have had a bollocking 😀


    Yeah i will give jammin jars a good bash next time out, been watching some videos on it and it has increased my appetite for the game haha

    blacko1974 WANTED $248

    “In the Dog House”.. Lucky you mate I’ve never been out it.

    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    your not the only one mate I have done about £800 ish through that game and I still haven’t had a big win 40p 60p plays. I have seen the picks but haven’t had a good one. my best win has been 5 pound odd. my lass has now told me I’m barred off that game lol

    Gavster1989 WANTED $22

    I must just be unlucky with that figure going through grr

    Mr B WANTED $395

    Me an the dog house packed our bags three years ago. Dunno why the dog house had to come. She could have kept it for her next victim LOL She hated me losing, loved me winning.

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