How much would it take?

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    Rob2k94 WANTED $17

    We all gamble but how much money would actually stop you gambling? What’s the end game?

    ive often dreamt of hitting it big and retire from my job and from gambling but deep down I think I’d still gamble.

    ill let you know when that happens……

    any day now……..

    any day…….




    BigR WANTED $2

    personally i dont think any money would stop me from gambling all it would do is maybe me encourage me to increase bet size lol

    for example lets say i have hit a jackpot on say mega moolah spinning away at £1 hit the jackpot 6mil yay quit my job take some time out for a year travel the world seeing what id like to do myself settle down somewere no mortgage! be great ha would like to work for myself and employ others no idea what but it would defo invest in something 6mil is alot but at the age of 30 would hardly last till the end of time lol


    Back to slots tho I’d play some of my favourite slots max bet till i eventually hit the mother load of wins book of dead 300 shields danger high voltage etc etc

    oh its nice to Dream hey!

    Gernarsy WANTED $0

    Oh, one million and I’ll stop.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)