Holy Diver hits +8

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    Mr B WANTED $395

    I certainly hadn’t seen it before, although it still left me down on 20p stakes. Sorry I only caught the last part but you can see the difference.



    MichaelLFC96 WANTED $114

    A successful Holy Diver bonus needs x3 multipliers and a retrigger

    Thats the only way this game can guarantee profitable pays IMO

    Winningbird WANTED $366

    In was shocked when I hit the +8 at the extra drop down reel things.. I can see it has potential but I’m s till waiting to see it. My +8 bonus paid about 128x

    Diamedi WANTED $11

    I’m still waiting for my first bonus. I’m counting spins and I’m on 1258 spins with level 2 + 2 gems… Need to wait 4 days for a redeposit


    The game is okay but you need the +3 with the retrig like Michael said.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)