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    Slot WANTED $40

    is the worst one you can get in the market by AG Communications Limited

    RTP as lowers as 88%

    Smellslikearmpit WANTED $2

    88 percent RTP?  Does that mean if playing at 1 pound per spin you’ll lose £12 out of every 100 spins on average??  If so it takes 2 secs per spin meaning you’ll lose £12 every 3 mins 20 seconds (100 spins) and £100 every half an hour (Roughly), and that is just on average/expected/the casino “rake”, dangggg!


    The RTP number is like the “rake” in online poker right?  Where you basically give the RTP “rake” to the casino, like a charge for playing their games so in this case you pay £12 to the casino and THEN it allows you the 88 spins at £1 per spin, that’s fcking CRAZY, think about it, the RTP difference is like a “fee” to play their games, what they charge you to play them, at £1 per spin, they are charging you over £200 per hour to “allow you to play these prestigious slots”, lolllllllll.


    Dunno if I got that right, there are RTP defenders that will claim RTP don’t matter, all I know is that I liked slots but now they seem to obviously rob people, I liked watching YouTubers play slots, then realised they deposit £1000 per day, claim all is real, but don’t really seem the type of people who would earn 365 thousand pound per year to actually be able to play these slots the way they do so all is a scam and even then they lose and are really, really happy to end up above their deposit for a video, even though it can’t be their own money (Anyone earning 300k per year doesn’t have time to make 1-3 slot videos per day for a 2k audience).


    Slot sites at the mo seem to consist of, get the person to sign up, we rob them knowing they will leave the casino, we rename casino, they will join again, then simply repeat, why do slot makers make a 88 percent RTP game in the first place, WTF, I suppose it must be working for them I guess???

    Shadowmancer WANTED $1

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    Gazb WANTED $2

    Have to say heyspin is not a good recommendation, awful selection of games, a commission payable on every deposit and extremely difficult to win on anything if the casino has taken an earlier hit, or at least feels that way have given it plenty of chances on different days and different times and various stakes with very little success

    will definitely not be playing there again!!

    Tcdaddy WANTED $1

    Yeah this casino  was awful when I joined and had promo they gave me all this hope and was doing well as soon as I withdrew what little cash after wagering it was god awful I put 300 pound in and got nothing and in different slots had one bonus overall wining 30. This experience has made me quit playing for good as I feel I got scamed

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)